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Successful learning means putting theory into experience through practice...

Things that we experience personally leave in us deep tracks. Together with experience, your hands, eyes, methods become more confident. We become experts aware of our possibilities. If learning to walk involved exploring the theory, most of us would never make their own step being bored with the first few pages of a sophisticated textbook.

I can remember the time I spent in my grandfather’s carpenter’s workshop as a child, surrounded by the wonderful scent of fresh wood, with parts of boards and slats around, where I was learning the difficult art of measuring, cutting, sanding and gluing under the master’s tutelage. Although many years have passed, this experience lets me make shelves or cupboards at home. The things that I experienced and learned in practice remain in me as my skills.

The presence of my grandfather, master of his discipline, who was able to guide me through winding paths of doubt showing me “how to do things”, and on the other hand, according to the old proverb “if you don’t fall, you won’t learn”, let me make mistakes and draw conclusions all in the form of play, was essential in this process.

My grandfather taught me. He let and helped me learn. Due to that I learnt.

And I am writing about this, because this story is an excellent analogy of the method developed and successfully implemented with many customers by Iwona, the founder and owner of INNOWA. Master of her discipline.

The combination of all methods using which knowledge may be acquired and skills extended and established forms a foundation and core of our offer. We are encouraging you to take part in a common game of getting to know new opportunities and discovering new lands of YOUR experience.

Piotr Nowak

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